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    Hi all,

    I recently bought a gti with low boost issues. No codes present and on one of my other threads, I’ve listed all the stuff I’ve gone through, measured and checked.

    I’ve got to the point now it must be the dv.

    Thing is, the previous owner replaced it with new a few weeks prior to sale but here’s the thing, it’s a k03 car and he’s fitted a rev d plastic type.

    He said he replaced it due to the old one splitting being the old type, and the boost never came back.

    Fast forward to last night and I removed the new dv to inspect it. It’s the plastic type and moves freely etc as you’d expect, but they have no seal for the compressor housing like the old one does and the rev g does also.

    I read on various forums that the rev d was for the s3 and k04 and in pictures I’ve seen they seems shorter than the rev g. Can anyone shed some light on this before I order a new rev g?

    I don’t understand how plastic on alloy can seal and also how if it’s shorter it can firmly press against the housing? On boost I get a hiss from the air filter and no positive whoosh when I back off. The hiss sort of gets louder for a split second then drops off until you get back on the throttle. As it’s coming from the filter side of the car my guess is it must be to do with the dv. Also it seems to run up to about 0.4 bar and up to this point the dv will make the expected sound but after that it seems like it’s leaking past it and the above then happens.

    Any suggestions gratefully received before I start ordering parts haha.

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