1.8t to CE2 mk2 clocks (again) but with a twist

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by @calyspo_gti, Nov 30, 2019.

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    Since owning the car the rev counter has never worked! Originally because the QPEng box of tricks was toast.. I’ve now reverted back to oem loom and have got a Vagtronics tacho converter wired in with a 4 pin plug by the loom builder, so was surprised when it didn’t work.

    my auto multimeter reads rpm and I’m getting a solid reading from the input feed of the ecu

    I’m also getting the same reading from the output wire of the tacho adapter


    Even when the adapter is isolated from the fuse box (G1 - pin 12) the green wire to the clocks is still getting a RPM reading.. Ive been through every CE2 diagram I can find but can’t find another potential feed to the clocks to be receiving the 1.8t ecu signal

    can somebody help :cry:
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    there are lots of pins common to the tachometer pin, A2/6, D/6, F/9, T/1, U1/6, relay socket 3 pin 2 (make sure you're using a 67/80/167 fuel relay)

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