T4 transporter 2002 2.5 TDI possible turbo issue ??

Discussion in 'Turbocharged, Supercharged or Nitrous !' started by watercooled, Nov 17, 2021.

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    Nelson,New Zealand
    A bit of history,bought this van couple of yrs ago,had an engine light on it but ran fine ,previous owner mentioned the light wouldn't clear and he didn't know why however it was priced right with full history and fairly low km's for the year and just had a major service.
    Drove for a further 6 months then fitted a powerbox which really woke up the ACV code engine ,main advantage was the torque increase and with the weight of these vans it was a bonus.
    Then it started to go into "limp mode" ,I couldn't get this sorted as I was using it 7 days a week to move house and had strict guidelines to reach for settlement of my old property.
    Once moved in I decided to look @ it and tested for vacuum and pressure leaks ,replaced some bad hoses to no result,van continued to limp mode but was still boosting up to 2200 rpm then would bog down.
    Found the PCV valve sealing grommet was split and the turbo inlet pipe was leaking @ the turbo end,fixed this and started it with a backfire and diesel smoke coming from the under the bonnet and engine would not take any load and just stall.
    The following issues were noted after inspection ;
    Oil "carry over" to all pipes on intercooler inlet and outlet,
    turbo shaft had no play but not turning as freely as I would think,
    checked N75 and N18 valve ,wastegate is functioning under pressure test.
    I kinda thinking the turbo is stuffed,comments would be really helpful as I believe that's the issue and otherwise out of idea's TIA.
  2. Tristan Paid Member Paid Member

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    Southern IRELAND
    Can you connect to the ecu and measure the boost?
  3. GVK

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    Do the brakes feel ok?
    I had a quick look at one a while back that had a vac pump knackered so the brake pedal was hard and boost very low.

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