3.5" downpipe and 3" cat back system for Mk5 Gti

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    Here's a sneaky peek at the new TFSi/TSi pipework getting ready to hit the shelves!

    It's been a long time coming, but we're finally at a point where we're going to be taking pre-orders for the first of the production batch.

    We've designed the system so that you can either buy just a downpipe and hook it up to your OEM system with our bolt in adapter, or buy our 3" "cat back system" and use another of our adapters to hook up to your OEM downpipe.
    Alternatively, if you buy the whole system in one go, it will simply bolt together. Easy!

    We're the first to bring a production 3.5" downpipe for TFSi/TSi to the market but we've also catered for those still wanting a more traditional 3" downpipe (See picture below)

    3_ tfsi.jpg

    Prices for this monster of a system will be confirmed next week.

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