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    hi I know this has been revised before but I cannot find a thread relevant to what I need so any help would be appreciated I have recently bought a ABF from Belgium for my rally car at a apparent 230 bhp with a engine failure after stripping it down I found big end no4 had spun damaged crank and rod so I was told it was a diesel crank fitted but after checking stroke against a ABF crank I had it turns out it’s not so I want too fit one I will be using arrow 159mm Conrods and wossner pistons what adjustments need to be made to compensate for the longer stroke i can’t seem too find a build that’s not mismatched standard parts thank you in advance
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    So, the diesel crank in an ABF will push a std ABF piston up an extra 1.35mm. You can use this to your advantage and machine the piston crown to suit your needs our have some custom pistons.
    The std crank will take decent rpm but if you want to liven things up gt it knife-edged to remove some weight. I can get mine down to the same weight as an 1800 crank.
    Machine the aux. shaft a little, it will give you extra clearance and also check the rod where it come close to the oil pump flange, some rods will hit.
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    9A pistons have a lower compression height iirc 30.2 vs 31.6 for ABF. The piston pin
    diameter is 20 mm vs 21 mm, so would need 159/20 rods...​
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