ACD box pinion failure

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Justbe, Jul 31, 2019.

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    I have an ACD 020 box (Golf GTI 8V PF engine ’89) waiting to be replaced by an AUX box (because it was closest I could find the original). Apparently the ACD box has some kind of pinion failure because the ride is very bumpy on all gears with ”surface” throttle or when I lift and press the throttle, it has this kind of pulling slack in it. The first photo is the right side, second the left side. The right side with the green area does not look as it’s supposed to, is that the pinion failure?

    The other question is: what should I check from the replacement AUX box that I can confirm that it’s in reasonable condition? Should I do some maintenance before I do the swap, i.e. change the transmission oil in it?


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    on the new box give the flanges a good wiggle and rotate both ways to check for play/lash. drain the oil out to check for metal filings, pull the pushrod out to check its straight and correct length. if it wont come out the ends have been mushroomed out due to incorrect cable adjustment, to remove it cut one end off so you can pull it out the other way for repalcement
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    Smelly Cornelly
    Pics don't look bad tbh, but you could still have diff bearing wear/failure. You can't see the pinion from outside as it's tucked inside the box so whoever told you that is a munchkin

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