Agu 1.8t conversion wiring help into lupo

Discussion in 'Fox/Lupo/Polo' started by Pcunliffe1511, Aug 22, 2017.

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    May 29, 2017
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    Hi any one any diagrams or info on wiring AGU into 2002 lupo?

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    Oct 31, 2003
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    I've done DBW 20v into a Polo which is near enough the same as lupo wiring wise in terms of effort and the way you do the job.

    main thing to note with lupo loom is the ecu wiring is integrated into the main engine bay harness, so you have to drag it all out, untape the loom then remove the ecu specific sections and then graft in the new stuff. The way I did the job was to de-pin all the wires from the Polo ECU plugs, I kept all fusebox feeds of the harness after identifying what they all were and removed all of the wiring that went to the engine sensors.

    This left me with a generic polo wiring harness containing headlight, fan, clock wires, as well as the ecu power/trigger/pedal feeds from the inside. I then de-pinned the 20v big ecu plug wires which went to the fusebox side, and swapped the old polo wires in to suit. I kept the 20v lambda and maf wiring as standard, ran the thicker ecu relay live wire to the polo battery fusebox and ran the ECU live wire from the polo harness. The DBW plug wires were figured out after some head-scratching from myself and the customer as I had to re-wire the later type ecu to work with the early remote pedal actuator. Once the big ECU plug was sorted I grafted in the MK4 T14a plug same as I do on all of my conversion harnesses which meant the main ECU sensor half of the loom dropped straight in without any modification :)

    Since its an AGU this is cable throttle so you can disregard the DBW pedal part, plus I'm assuming the car is currently DBW so you'll have to look into converting it to cable throttle then find a cable that fits. The other thing is if the car is DBW most of the wires will need re-terminating, or if you dont have the tools and terminals to do it you'll have to solder these connections. With the Polo loom I did both ECU were DBW so the pins all swapped right in no problem.

    If you need more detained information on which wires go where I need to know what ECU code the lupo is so I can look up the relevant diagrams for it, I may even have an ecu diagram in my signature link already :thumbup:

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