Autotech uprated 8V valve springs. (from VWH...) Anybody installed them ??

Discussion in '8-valve' started by Jon Olds, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Spiel from website;
    1. Autotech Valve Spring Set Heavy Duty 8v > Golf mk1 1975-1983

    Part Number: WC109AT10109600K £98.95

    Heavy Duty valve spring set, for use with WC109AT1010901 and WC109AT1010901SOLID camshaft, For use with GTI 8v engines up to 1995

    These stiffer valve springs alone will extend the revving capabilities of your valve train to the 8,000 rpm mark. In addition, the Sport Tuned valve spring set will eliminate potential coil bind on high lift cams. When properly installed they will allow up to 0.500 inches of cam lift. A good idea for any high performance engine. Designed to fit stock retainers. Remember: Always keep the lower valve spring seats in your cylinder head to prevent damage to the aluminium casting

    I am at the stage of rebuilding my aftermarket autotech big valve cast head ready for a race engine build. Some issues have arisen as I have measured the above springs, compared them to the std spings and checked compatibility to upper retainer and lower platform.
    Measurements attached.
    1. Outer OD is tight into lower retainer, meaning there is a chance it will not fit 100% square.
    2. Inner spring OD touches the outer spring, meaning potential friction in use
    3. Inner spring ID is a very sloppy fit on the upper retainer
    4. Outer spring ID is a little sloppy on the upper retainer
    5. Inner spring ID is a sloppy fit on the lower retainer

    All of the above leads me to think these springs aren't designed to fit the stock retainers.

    What is the clubgti opinion? ie anybody used these? Upper valve spring failure in use will always wreck an engine, so I always measure up.......
    I could make some custom lower retainers, no issues, but the uppers?
    Also, inner and outer touching in operation cant be a good idea, can it?

    I will ask VWH tomorrow for their opinion. One option is using the uprated out spring only with a std inner, but at the moment I am inclined to return the whole lot to VWH for a refund 8v uprated valve springs.JPG

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