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    I'm having trouble understanding One of the readings on vcds it's on a 1.2 12v engine measuring block 205 it just said time corr and it's jumping between 1 and -5 I was wondering if it meant the chain had stretched as its constantly in limp mode and it throws up cam sensor fault it has been changed I've tried the measuring blocks it said on forums block 93 I think but there's nothing there any help about I just seem to be going round in circles
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    What year and engine code is this car? Mileage?

    If you haven't already done so, one easyish way to check the timing of the cams to crank is as follows.

    Take off the two covers from the cam carrier that reveal slots in the ends of the cams. Check that the slots are parallel to one another.

    Get the engine to TDC cylinder 1 by removing all the three spark plugs and turning the engine forwards only until no.1 piston is at its highest point (absolute precision isn't essential), check for the cam slots being parallel to the head/block joint.

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