Polo GTI 2011 1.4TFSI (CAVE) - low engine pressure

Discussion in 'Fox/Lupo/Polo' started by tcherdak, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Nov 20, 2017
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    Hey guys,
    Wanted to ask for advice where to look at and if anybody had the same.

    Polo GTI '11, 54,000KM (low milage as drive to office and back which is like 5km).
    95 gas is being used (as almost no 98 here in Turkey)

    When going uphill or adding a power enough to speed up but without shifting down - there is tak-tak-tak in the engine side and smoke coming from the back.
    Went to dealer's service, they checked compression - problem with 3rd piston as major, but 2nd and 1st also not good. Only 4th is ok.

    What could be issue so far? Piston rings? Valve seals and all those rubber stuff?
    Anyone had same issue on that milage?

    ?????? ????????

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