POLO GTI R5 - Why?

Discussion in 'Fox/Lupo/Polo' started by Dave, Dec 7, 2017.

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    Why are VAG not building proper enthusiast cars?

    All of the R types, RS models, Clubsport, A5 Competition, etc., etc., are all nothing of the kind!
    They are all overweight 'Bling' cars.

    Renault, Citroen and, especially, Fiat Abarth know what enthusiasts want!

    The POLO GTI R5 is the latest example.
    Claimed to be base on WRC type cars, it falls at the first hurdle.

    It's a Coupe!

    Build this and I'll buy one!
    Problem is, like the Fiat Abarth, they won't sell it in Eire!

    Polo Super 1600 2.png
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    Product announcements what you are highlighting, helps to raise the brands profile.

    Remember this is the same automaker that caused the emission debacle over in the US and changed the whole way exhaust after treatment is looked at by authorities. Now there is a big political push to go hybrid to full electric everything!
    And guess what, they are ahead on the electric game too!

    So the announcement of yet another performance brand keeps focus in the positive direction.

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