Posting in the 'Members Motors' section - please read.

Discussion in 'Members Gallery' started by 1990, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Oct 22, 2003
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    Rochdale, Lancs
    Hello to all,

    We all love our own cars and love to read what other people are upto with theirs.

    To keep the Members Motors section flowing can we all please try not to take threads 'off topic'.

    Also I know this is very very very rare on Club GTI but if someone does post up a car that is offensive to your eyes please click the back button on your browser ASAP lol. We all like constructive criticism which is great, but anything beyond that is not needed. I can only think of 1 or 2 such instances during my 12ish years on here so let's keep up the good work :thumbup:

    Thanks for reading, now show us your car!!!!

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