Problem rebuilding 02a ctn box

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by jamez, Jun 9, 2019.

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    I'm rebuilding a ctn 02a box i have fitted in my mk1 but have run into a problem I've not come across before.I have fitted all the bearings ( i got them from but I'm now checking the preload and have fitted the input shaft without any shims and have bolted the box together at 25nM and now have at least 7 inch pounds turning torque on the input shaft , max allowed after adjustment 1.8. I have checked that the bearing races are fully seated in the case and the bearings are seated on the input shaft but this measurement is far too high. When i opened the box and removed the old races i was surprised to see there was no shims at all on the input shaft ,the output and differential are too high but have shims and will be adjusted . The bearings supplied are timken and skf for this shaft,the gearbox case shows no sign of damage at all , where do i go from here??

    Thanks 02a1.jpg 02a2.jpg
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    Smelly Cornelly
    The lower bearing doesn't have a shim, the upper sits under the lip. It will have one from the factory.

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