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Discussion in 'VR5, VR6 & Wx' started by Jase1, May 21, 2020.

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    May 21, 2020
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    Hello guys

    New to the forums but really need some advice/help please I was going to do a 225 bam engine conversion in my mk2 golf gti but my friend (mechanic) told me to do some research on r32 conversion instead (for obvious reasons being), and thought this would be a good place to do the research..

    what I need to know is best engine type for it, exactly what parts I would need to do complete conversion and if any pros and cons (or even if I should steer clear). I know it's quite a bit of info I'm asking for but dont know where else to start... Thanks in advance. J.
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    Creating Pfredstarke
    No one knows what your perceptions are.

    I read your title and the contents as limitations.

    "R32". You are referring to Mk4 and MK5 Golf cars with a 3189 cc VR6 24v engine.
    Other models had the engines and often such powertrains are less expensive than codes BFH or BUB

    "BAM". You are refering to the 225 ps engine, used in the Leon Cupra R, Audi S3 and TT.
    Other identical base engines are APY, APX, AMK, AUL and BFV.

    Not sure what were the "obvious reasons" you were told to research an "r32 conversion"? You will need to expand or be more specific.

    Give us some more information to allow contributors to be helpful.
  3. Jase1 New Member

    May 21, 2020
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    Hi sorry

    So referring to my previous post about the conversion for my mk2 I was thinking about putting the audit tt 225 ps engine in (bam code apparently told this is the best for mk2 conversion?? And can be highly tuned? ) but my mechanic was suggesting to go for an r32 conversion basically because it would have more bhp and it's not as common as the tt 225 ps conversion he also said if I was going to spend on a conversion I might as well go the whole hog with a 3.2l.

    Now I've not got a clue which 3.2 engine to use ive only been told about mk5 bub engine so initially need advice from the ground up so things like best engine to buy whilst obviously being as cost effective as poss and a list of all parts needed for a successful 3.2 conversion.

    Anyones thoughts or advice on the better conversion out of the 2 for power, reliability, preference pros and cons even down the best engines to use for either conversion (as I only keep getting told about the tt 225 bam engine with everyone I speak to) this would be much appreciated like I said I dont know much.
    Thanks hope this is a bit more specific.

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