Whats your car history?

Discussion in 'General Vehicle Chat' started by Scotty, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. golfpaul Forum Member

    Nov 8, 2006
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    Would be something like:

    E 1.3 Astra
    E 1.7 Renault 5 GTX
    R 1.2 Clio
    E 1.8 Golf GTI
    X 2.0 Alfa 156
    M 2.0 Impreza Turbo 2000
    51 2.2 Vectra SRI
    P 2.0 Golf GTI

    Now need something big and ghey for all the kids [8(]
  2. riven12456 New Member

    Sep 23, 2012
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    First toyota cars was Carmy. It was not affected from the recent acceleration issues that certain Toyota models were having. 2010 was a hard year for the Toyota Motor Company; the public saw how badly Toyota handled this issue and it is fair to say that it was a complete and utter failure of how they dealt with it through the media.
  3. antogoof New Member

    May 13, 2008
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    1. 88` mk3 escort 1300 - death shed.

    2. 85` nova 1.3 sr - one of the most fun cars ive owned.

    3. 90` astra gte 8v - best thing was the digi dash, everything else was ****!

    4. 91` golf gti 8v - owned it for a month then got laid off and the engine heat seized (due to the previous owner), but i was hooked!

    5. 92` nissan pajero diesel auto - only good for drifting in the snow.

    6. 91` peugeot 205 d - old french merde.

    7. 01` renault megane 2.016v ide - new french merde.

    8. 87` golf gti 8v - rotten as a pear but still loadsa fun.

    9. 92` bmw 316 saloon - very well built but too underpowered, id be tempted by an m3 tho!

    10. 91` golf gti 8v 5 door - pretty **** but under the bonnet it had a 140 bhp 8v with 145ftlb of torque, and when we found rot we put the running gear in a :

    11. 91` golf ryder 8v conversion - bought for 235 the shell was mint so we put the above engine and running gear in to make a weapon.

    12. 91` golf gti 8v - this is the first golf i owned, in bbm. sold it for 250 and bought it back with a g60 conversion for 2500! doh!
  4. Lloydie New Member

    Jan 4, 2013
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    First car 1.0 Nova
    Current car Polo GTI 6n2 :)
  5. EvgenijL New Member

    Mar 5, 2013
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    First car: '94 L reg Peugeot 306 XN 1.4 (bare bones) was ok for a first car.

    Second car: 91' H reg VW Jetta GL 1.8 Auto (big bumper). bought it at night was a dog sold it as couldn't afford to fix.

    Third car: 93' K reg Honda Accord Aerodeck SE 2.2 Auto Lovely car, had it for two years. Many good memories. had to sell as been made redundant and couldn't afford to keep it.

    Fourth car: '91 H reg Honda Civic GL 1.4 16v Auto. bought it for 210 as a run around. failed MOT on rotten sill. sold it for 200 :)

    Fifth car: '95 M reg VW polo 6N 1.0 L (bought it in desperation for 680) needed to get to and from work three weeks later cam belt gone, sold it on ebay for 169 :(

    Current car: '96 P reg VW Polo 6N 1.4 CL This time I took my time (three weeks to be precise) and found this little gem in Kent for 1050. One owner from new till 19 of December 2010. Comprehensive VW only service history :) two months before I bought it, previous owners spent 1177. to replace many parts including new cam belt. Love this car.
  6. rdf1988 Forum Member

    Nov 13, 2012
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    South Wales
    H reg Mini 998cc

    G red MK2 Golf GTi 8v

    (I've never had a car younger than S reg [:D])
  7. CustomJ Paid Member Paid Member

    Dec 21, 2012
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    Mine went

    1050cc Mini
    1.3 mini clubman
    1.8 Golf GTI
    Then engine swap on the above to 2.8 VR6

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  8. mk2 nas Paid Member Paid Member

    Jul 30, 2013
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    First car mk1 escort sport model kinda wish still had

    Current every day motor Passat 130 tdi & my toy.
  9. valvemiester

    valvemiester Paid Member Paid Member

    Jan 24, 2013
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    1st car driven my mum's 1973 850 minivan
    1st car owned 1974 850 mini saloon (fitted an 1100 A series engine in it) wish I still had it
    Current cars 2008 Octavia VRS estate 2L PD TDi, 2001 T4 swb van,
    2001 mk3.5 golf cab (breaking),
    1995 golf gti 8v, 1992 golf gti 16v, 1990 golf gti 8v, 1986 golf gti 8v, 1989 jetta gti 8v, 1993 golf gti cab sportline, 1989 golf gti cab, 1986 golf gti cab, 1988 scirocco GTXi, 1987 mini picadilly1980 metro hls, 1978 1100 mini clubman estate, 1970 mini, 2x mk1 mini rolling shells } all projects, I think I might have a problem !!!! Few others I've just remembered Scirocco GTX mk2 16v conversion, golf gti cc cabriolet, 3dr 1989 golf gti 16v, 2 x 1991 5dr golf gti 16v's.
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  10. Gavin78 New Member

    Jan 4, 2015
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    First car: VW Polo, around a 1990 model
    Loads of cars since inc mk2 golf gti 8 big bumper model until
    Current car golf mk4 gti 1.8t 180 bhp model
  11. Xeon5 New Member

    Mar 24, 2015
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    My history:
    1. Renault Clio Biarritz 1.2 Petrol (R Reg)
    2. Ford Escort Flight 1.6 Petrol (V Reg)
    3. Ford Focus Edge 1.6 Petrol (04 Plate)
    4. Ford Mondeo ST TDCi 2.2 Diesel (05 Plate)
    5. Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.4 DSG Petrol (61 Plate) - Picking up this week! :)
  12. DougG434 Paid Member Paid Member

    Apr 7, 2006
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    SE Kent
    First Car. Fiat 132 Mirafiori
    Then a long run of Vauhall Astras MK1, Mk2 , Mk3
    A Ford Escort, not for very long !
    Then into my first Golf GTI F188 DGC, wonder where she is now...perhaps a victim of scrappage !
    VW Golf 1.4 Mk3 Brand spanking new, traded in the GTI for her........6 months later traded in the 1.4 for a 1.8 ex Demo Driver MK3. Lost a load of cash !
    Then picked up my G434 MK 8v GTI as a weekend classic in 1986, still have her today 19 years later and she is nearly 25 now,
    Ran a lot of company cars, Saab, Toyota etc ,now opted out and have a Mini MK2 Clubman Cooper D. (as well as the Golf and a Peugeot 107 for the wife.
  13. nataliebrown New Member

    Jul 7, 2015
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    hi friends I don't have much cars becoz i am a student but few days ago i bought the second hand car from a pawn shop.
  14. BenGould New Member

    Jul 23, 2013
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    Mk2 Fiesta 1.1 E157 FPK
    Mk2 Cavalier 1.6 F225 ETA
    Facelift Nova SRi 1.4 K355 YTM
    Mk3 Cavalier SRi 2.0 J Reg
    Mk1 Mondeo Estate 1.8 petrol - 50 MOT'd Deathtrap
    Mk1 Mondeo Hatch 1.8 petrol - 150 MOT'd Deathtrap
    Mk3.5 Fiesta Si - with 1.8 RS1800 engine
    Mk5 Escort GTi 1.8
    Peugeot Partner 2.0 HDi
    Peugeot 306 1.9 tdi
    Ford Focus Saloon 1.8 TDCi
    Mk2 Scirocco GT G938 NDB - 1.6 auto then converted to 1.8 manual - Written off (Non fault) after 2 weeks. Mighty pi$$ed off.
    Mk2 Scirocco GT F892 AKA - 1.8 manual then converted to AGU 20vt - Written off (Again Non fault) 1 Month after 20v conversion. Even more Mighty Pi$$ed off.
    Mk2 Scirocco GT2 J336 GWV - Bought as a rolling shell to take the 20v from scirocco No 2 <- Current Car.
  15. MUSHY 16V

    MUSHY 16V Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Jan 26, 2008
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    Triumph spitfire
    1L mini
    Mk1 Golf 1.6 GTI
    Mk2 golf GTI 8v 87 small bumper
    Mk2 golf GTI 16v
    Mk4 GTTDI
    Mk4 v6 4motion
    Seat Leon fr

    Also had a bread van polo and 6n polo
  16. bootsie Paid Member Paid Member

    Oct 26, 2013
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    Brackley, Northants
    MK1 Escort
    MK2 Escort
    MK3 Escort
    (learned my lesson by now)
    B2 Audi 80 Sport
    Golf MK2 16v GTI
    Golf Rallye
    B3 Audi 80 2.0E
    MK1 Golf 1.6 GTI
    B5 Passat
    B5 Audi A4
    B6 Audi A4 TDI Sport
    B6 Audi S4 Avant
    B5 Audi S4 Avant
    Audi A2
    Mk4 Golf V6 4motion
    MK2 Golf GTI 16v
  17. fastfinn New Member

    Aug 19, 2015
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    1st car 1200 beetle. Current , same bug but 5xthe power, 87 mk2 16v, 320d. Volvo xc60. Time for a mk7 gti I think.
  18. NBirkitt Forum Member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    United Kingdom
    1967 1300 Beetle ( 1776 cc twin Weber DCN Cal-looker) Very first car, owned from 1976 1984

    Three 412 Variants (1700 Injection, 1800 twin Solex + 2.1-litre with twin-40DCNF Webers! )

    1972 Porsche 911T 2.4 Sportomatic

    1974 1303 Beetle and 1975 1303 Beetle, later 1967 1500 Beetle and 1969 Beetle (1641 cc Beetle Cup race car, used on road and track)

    1983 Audi 80 Sport (Koni suspension, Ur quattro arb and 256 mm front brake upgrade)

    1983 Audi 80 quattro ( fitted with 2309cc 5-cyl engine with TSR big-valve pack C cylinder head + suspension upgrade 7x15 Ronal R8s etc )

    Mildly modified 1983 Mk 1 Golf GTI

    Modified 1996 Mk 3 Golf GTI 2.0 16V (Bilstein suspension, Eibach arbs, AmD chip, Toyos etc ) company car driven from new to well over 100,000 miles in 3 years

    Currently own 2000 Mk 4 Golf GTI 1.8T (extensively modified for track days but currently awaiting new engine), current daily driver is a 2001 Mk 4 Golf V6 4Motion (LPG conversion and suspension mods, just coming up to 200,000 miles) and I also have a 1994 Audi 80 TDI (suspension and brake upgrades).

    These were all long-term relationships, most driven for many years and a great many miles, not just passing fancies for a few weeks at a time

    Also have been fortunate enough to test drive a great many VWs and Audis (and quite a few Skodas and SEATs) for the road tests in Volkswagen Driver and Audi Driver magazines undoubtedly upwards of 400 individual different models over the last 25 years or so, usually for a week at a time covering well over 1000 miles each, everything from 1.0 Up! to R8 V10 Plus Very first road test was a Mk 3 Golf VR6 in 1992 :-)

    Neil Birkitt
    ( Editor of Volkswagen Driver magazine )
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  19. bootsie Paid Member Paid Member

    Oct 26, 2013
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    Brackley, Northants
    I'd love one of these-my 80 sport was great but the 5-cyl Quattro would be fantastic. Saw one for sale a couple of years back for 2k, I should have bought it. Great cars.
  20. NBirkitt Forum Member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    United Kingdom
    Indeed, quite rare too there were only around 500 of the 2.2 5-cylinder ( KK engine ) 80 quattros imported into UK.. Mine had been a dormant project for the best part of 15 years, sold it a couple of years ago to a chap called Chris Hoyle from North Wales and he is doing a full resto on it hoping to see it come along to the Audi event at Castle Combe on October 17... :-)

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